During the discovery and onboarding process, we will discuss the minimum number of content pieces required. However, typically, we recommend producing at least 14 content pieces per week. It’s important to note that the more content you generate, the greater the potential for increased sales. Content plays a significant role in determining whether the account will achieve remarkable success or reach a plateau over time.

We will be happy to talk to you and answer questions live. To do so, you will just need to schedule a meeting with us here

We work with a variety of models of varying experience levels. Unlike other agencies who only want seasoned veterans, or those already earning a high income, we are happy to put in the effort and help develop new talent. Although relevant experience is beneficial, it is not necessary. The most important thing is a can-do attitude and being coachable!

We work with models of all shapes and sizes! We primarily support models who speak English, German and Spanish. We also can provide some support to Russian speaking models. All of our models need to be comfortable with tasteful nudity.

All models must be a minimum of 18 years old at the time of signing.

Our team will review the contents in your vault and arrange everything in a way that enables our team of chatters to effortlessly locate and monitor the content on a daily basis.

No. Applying to work with us is completely free. We will never charge applicants for any part of the process, including signing and on- boarding.


Photo or video work by our models is published on a variety of social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Reddit and Twitter, as well as the web and sometimes in print. Models will always know where their work will be used beforehand. Monetized content will be pay-walled on OnlyFans.

Generally, we aim to have models work from the comfort and convenience of their own (or nearby) cities. Sometimes, particular projects will require travel (expenses are paid.)

As a model, you own all content that you produce.

You have full autonomy, so this is entirely up to you, however, where you are in your career and the earnings you would like to achieve will play a big role. We generally encourage spending more time at the beginning, being 10-20 hours per week to achieve good income quickly. You can, of course, work even more and see your results skyrocket alongside the effort! Once fully established our models often work less than 7 hours per week.

How much you produce will have a direct impact on your earning and booking potential. Social media content is the lifeblood of the modern industry and attracts the most important thing to you, fresh viewers and fans. In terms of social content (such as Instagram stories, TikTok videos, Reddit and Twitter posts) our most successful models are producing up to 100 pieces of content per week. In terms of monetized content, meaning content that is sold on your behalf, we suggest a minimum of 20 pieces of content per week.

We will never force you to engage in any projects that you are not comfortable with. Your model profile, as defined between you and your account manager, will determine the majority of the content that you will be involved in creating. We also understand that tastes change and as such, your profile can be amended upon notice. Always keep in mind that certain content is more lucrative than others.


Models are paid via direct bank transfer. Most of our models get paid every two weeks, however, a model can request a payout at any time.

To simplify accounting for our models and to make the payment process faster, the majority of our models allow us to receive incoming payments, make the necessary deductions, add bonuses, and then transfer the correct balance to the model’s account. If you prefer, you can receive payments first, however you must ensure you are very organized.

Models work as independents, not employees of us. As such,
you are responsible for complying with tax laws in your state/country.

We are committed to your long-term success and will do our best to help in any way that we can! We understand that for many of our models, this will be the first time they have earned high amounts of money quickly, and also, not as employees. As such, we will work with you to ensure you remain compliant with applicable tax laws.

We do not charge fees. We have a service agreement with you that outlines what our share (as a %) of net earnings will be.

Every model contract is unique, but our service agreements range from 70% – 30% depending on what level you are starting from. Agreements are renegotiated at key milestones in account growth


We offer FULL account management. This will include branding, social media strategies, content schedules, content design/scripting, direct oversight, invoicing/remittance, chatting, existing account audits, promotion planning and more.

Yes, we always do, unless you want to.

We take care of ALL chatting across all platforms. You NEVER need to talk to a fan unless you want to.

Absolutely! Our account managers have a maximum of three models to manage. This ensures you get first rate service at all times.

Your account manager will be speaking with you a minimum of three times per week, but most of our account managers talk to their models daily.

Your account manager is your main point of contact within our team. Usually, there are five or more people involved in the management and growth of your accounts. Your account manager coordinates between all of our team members and provides you with insights, duties, information, and handles your questions or concerns.